Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

This ‘monument’ to a true companion lies about a mile from where I live. It is the most beautiful eulogy to a dog that I have ever read. I can say no more, because I cry every time I read this. Whatever you think of Lord Byron, he loved his dog.




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I thought I would interpret this week’s challenge from the perspective of early life forms beginning to emerge.

Here is a baby newt that my husband found in our garden – this little thing on the threshold of a hopefully happy life in our pond:


Spring has finally sprung and so has the Magnolia Stellata. These delicate flowers are getting blown about by the wind at the moment and don’t like a late frost, but thankfully they keep on producing more buds, all rolled up like the whitest parasol waiting to unfurl:


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

We went on yet another lovely walk around Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire this weekend, amidst the intermittent rain and hail showers, interspersed with sunshine. Swans always offer great photo opportunities for impressive yet painterly reflections in the water.

I love this place. We just take the dog and ourselves, no mobile phones, just the camera and waterproof clothing… I love seeing the bright blue sky reflected in the water.

This one is from the same place last year…with my dog in the bottom of the picture making ripples.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I couldn’t think what to post for this week’s challenge, then I realised that I see these two buildings every day…

An abandoned bungalow in my village, it looks so sad.

And this delightful edifice is what I can see outside my window while I am at work. I have looked at this building for well over 15 years and people wonder why I am fed up working here!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes #3

I couldn’t resist just one more to make a good set of three…here’s 3 teeny tiny ponies for you.
Really, the cutest little things I have ever seen.



While out walking in the Lake District we ended up trespassing in the quarry….


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

I went to Ireland a few years ago to visit a friend in Donegal. Such a beautiful country, such photo opportunities.

We came across this gorgeous little house by a lake, it was for sale. I nearly put an offer in…


Me and my friend went on a little reccy and snuck around the back of the property, it just got more intriguing…



and then we looked at the view from the back windows, and really fell in love with it…



To this day, I would buy this little cottage in a blink.








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